Surreal Gaming: Halo

Surreal is looking for Members!

Surreal is a none-structured group of like minded individuals. By none structured i mean everyone is treated equally, but everything is still monitored we ask you treat everyone inside and outside of this group with respect.
We focus on arena variants, but for the less competitive ones we do also enjoy warzone (and firefight when released) and obviously GriffBall, because who doesn’t like it?

Our goals are as follows:
Gain at least 50 members
Create a lasting community of like minded halo players.
Become tournament worthy (Amateur series kind of thing)
Have Fun

If you are interested in joining, I encourage you to go ahead! We only have 5 members, so join now and help become one of the founders in this newly found community!

To join you simply have to reply to this with your gamertag and you will be added into the company instantly (or when i next check), no name changes, no set color scheme or emblem. Nothing is set in place, we just want you as an individual.

The ONLY requirements are you are over the age of 16, and have a Mic. Other than that you are welcome to join.
If you have friends who might be interested leave their gamer tags bellow as well, the more the merrier!

- Rich 'ArcAngel’