Surprisingly liking this

When I first started playing the game, I thought it was fun but way too tilting. The networking and engine seemed to allow shooting through walls and melee trade offs would leave the enemy alive but not me. I even shot a guy point blank with a rocket and we both lived… not sure how that worked.

I want to give feedback that the core game aside from all the issues are quite fantastic. It took me some time to reach this conclusion, but I got here. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time in game and loving fiesta.

I do have some warnings I’d like to pass on to the team.

The capstone for the event is ridiculous. A game mode where chaos reigns supreme and you’re supposed to either get 5 killing sprees or kill joys? How do you expect people to accomplish this without becoming irate at the task? Your challenges need to be geared toward the game modes they go to. If you would have made the challenge “get 20 multi kills,” I think it would still serve as a good final grand capstone but wouldn’t be so tilting because the reality of the game mode is chaos.

Pricing for the items in the shop is too high. I’m not touching an $8 color pack, much less a $10 or $20 armor. I know companies count on whales these days but you need to be pro consumer first. $2-5 for a full armor set and I and many other will happily pay. I even bought a bunch of StarCraft 2 co-op commanders and I never buy microtransactions. Price is everything and what price tag you put on items conveys a message. Right now it conveys an image of greed.

Many have complained about XP but I’ve not heard much about challenges themselves aside from the capstone. We need to be able to turn on event challenges and work on ONLY them. I don’t want regular challenges mixed in.

Finally, the decision to go with shaders instead of armor colors is scummy. You need to make colors work on all armor. Somebody I know suggested a system where you have less interesting colors at the start but have monetized cool colors like gold or clean armor could be priced. (Fairly).

Overall, my main issue is the monetization, customization and xp. The game itself is really fun and a nice refreshing change from 343s past lackluster titles.

And please, watch TheActMans latest video. Player choice should be king.

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Yeah, monetization is doo doo.