I was playing and winning a Warzone game when suddenly a black screen appeared and disconnected me from the game, this to discover twenty seconds later a message of the Xbox system requiring an update. What the hell? since when are we disconnected of a game by surprise because of a random update?! It never happened to me in ten years of Xbox Live. Between the daily interruptions of my connection and this, I guess I will be banned for at least one hour.

That’s crazy. I have never been disconnected mid game, but I have gotten stuck in pregame lobbies so long that I restarted the game, only to learn that there is an update

That’s really unfortunate, man. I have never had that happen to me. Only when I have shut the Xbox off would it prompt me to update the console.

You shouldn’t get banned for it but I guess there’s no way for the 343i banhanmer to tell the difference.

If you have questions about H5 bans there is a thread linked below for that. You would have to have quite a significant history of DNF’s to receive an hours ban for a single disconnection. System updates to your xbox aren’t something that 343 controls.