Surely Team Snipers should JUST be a Sniper Only playlist?

Pretty sure its always been that way in the past. Not complaining about getting the playlist at all, just seems like in this case people would have wanted a purely snipers only playlist like we have always had in Halo. S7 Sniper Starts, on all maps. That was all that was needed, no need for variety in this case.


I actually like the variety, I watched a streamer play 3 matches and all 3 of them were S7 so It must be heavily weighted in the playlist.

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Thats just by chance. In a TEAM SNIPERS playlist, shouldnt be forced to play a math of Pulse Carbines and Stalker Rifle only, seeing as neither of those are a SNIPER.

We were expecting a team snipers playlist and have been given a Team Shotty and Snipers sometimes playlist.


I didnt even know there was a team snipers playlist


I think previous titles “snipers” playlist did have a little variety to it. There were beam rifle matches in H3, and I think H5 had Binary Rifle games too.

I would be ok with variety along these types of lines

  1. Team snipers (S7, mangler)
  2. Team snipers pro (S7)
  3. Banished snipers (Skewer/Stalker rifle)
  4. Team zappers (Shock Rifles)

See, if the variants were S7 Sniper only, Shock Rifle only, Skewer only I wouldnt have a problem because like the beam rifle in H3, those weapons are still SNIPERS.

But in what world is a Stalker Rifle, Mangler, Pulse Carbine, etc. a Sniper?


Stalker Rifle is also seen as a sniping rifle by the game i think, so that one also makes sence. The rest is indeed not a sniping weapon and doesn’t belong there.

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The mangler part of the loadout is just to mirror the legacy H3 snipers modes differences.

H3 had a ‘snipers’ game type where you spawned with a sniper and pistol, but also a ‘snipers pro’ gametype where you only spawned with a sniper. I think S7/Sidekick would be way too strong, so I’m recommending S7/Mangler for the difference between the vanilla/pro modes.

The pulse carbine seems super weird for a sniper’s playlist, I can agree with that. The Stalker Rifle makes sense in the playlist to me though. It’s the first weapon in Halo where it seems like it’s specifically targeting to be a “light” sniper rifle where it fires at a faster rate but has less damaging rounds.

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I think the skewer is unwieldy and a skewer focused match belongs as a rumble pit variant. I think it should be mostly just snipers with occasional shock rifle or shotty snipes options.

Much like Reach, in a perfect world I would rather just sniper on mostly 4v4 maps if it was up to me and make shock rifle a map pick-up.


I haven’t tried it, but this makes the playlist sound utterly ridiculous. Wtf were they thinking lol. Why can’t any decision they make be normal?


My main problem with seeing Stalkers as part of Team Snipers is that you already have it for Tactical Slayer.

I’m sure a lot of people were expecting just S7 Sniper Rifles (myself included, even if I hate Team Snipers and never play it), and having Skewers and Stalkers in the mix just makes me really hope for a search filter to be implemented into the game sooner rather than later.


So instead of having specific modes, would it be better to just shuffle the weapons that spawn on the map for the ‘goofy’ modes.

Like a Banished mode would basically have everyone spawn with a S7 sniper still, but then every wall rack has stalker/shock rifles, and the power weapon racks would be skewers.

I haven’t tried the new modes yet, so I’ll wait to pass judgment tbh.

Yes, it should, and don’t call me Shirley.


Team Snipers should be a test of a player’s precision and stealth. The only two weapons that belong in Team Snipers are the S7 Sniper Rifle and the Shock Rifle. There should be no weapon that encourages anything.


All of those in H5 were long range, headshot capable, 1 shot kill weapons.

  • The mangler is a short range gun that was, until recently, was more valued for its melee.
  • The Stalker Rifle is more like a Light Rifle. Its place in SWAT should be enough to tell why it shouldn’t be in Snipers.
  • The Pulse Carbine has more in common with the Needler than the Sniper.

I agree that the 3 main modes should have been S7, Skewer, and Shock Rifle.


I honestly don’t understand how it can be possible everyone at 343 signed off on this, literally all you had to do was make team slayer with everyone starting with the S7 and shock rifle, thats it, thats what people expect, hell that’s basically how it works in MCC.

Thinking about it, my guess is the reaosn this got through is cuz, again, of incompetent poeple having all the power (minus joe, who kinda looks like hes been running himself ragged)


Yeah this playlist is a complete disaster. It would have been such an easy win for 343 to just make a snipers playlist, and maybe have shotty snipes show up once in a while and maybe maybe maybe these other wacky modes show up every 50 games you play, although I’d rather they went straight into the trash can. So sad; I loved team snipers in older games.

One step forward and two steps back.

Break BTB? Take months to fix it.

Release a “patch” with 99% of rubbish nobody asked for in the first place and even break core gameplay in the process like working guns in a FPS? Take a month to fix it.

Prediction for the first drop pod: One new map (an old one from Halo 3) that crashes the game and is only playable in offline custom games.

They should start to listen to the remaining community a bit more to avoid these issues.


Yeah me too. Not like I would play it…oh wait…they would probably make FOMO kick in and make playing it part of the challenges…

I have no idea though…I have not played the game in months.

Honestly don’t care for the variety.

You play snipers, so you can play WITH the snipe rifle.
You want to play it for the 1hit headshots at any distance.

without the guarantee that I’ll get to use the S7, there it literally no reason for me to use the playlist.

The Stalker Rifle and Carbine are cheeks,
They are not fun to use, especially on PC where the Aim assist is non-existent and the Desync makes it unplayable.

Just, another mis-step on 343i honestly.
They muddied the mode by including their own awful weapon inventions, expecting players to grow to like it.

News Flash 343i, you’re original weapon ideas suck.
Don’t know why you keep trying to reinvent the wheel, but Bungie already made them for you.