Supporting what brings us all together

Hey everyone I don’t know if you guys know this but MLG is having a pre-release Halo 4 exhibition tournament this weekend, starting tonight at 5pm CT. Now I know that some of you guys don’t like MLG or the “MLG Kids” but really all I’m here to say is that we went through a pretty rough time with Reach. Halo was taken off the circuit. The MLG Halo community went through a huge culture change because of this. It went from being all about MLG to all about HALO. We stopped looking at MLG as ours and started looking at Halo as ours. If you have a bad taste in your mouth from the few times that you played the MLG playlist and got some 16 year old screaming saying how bad you were, know that he doesn’t reflect the majority of the community. I think we’re pretty decent people :slight_smile: We all need to come together and support HALO period.

Tonight there will be a Fiesta style FFA, to show off all the new weapons, and I could be wrong on this but I think Kevin Franklin will be commentating those games. Also there will be some 2v2’s with The legendary Ogre twins. Ogre 1 coming all the way from Australia. AND if you ever watched MLG tourneys back in Halo 3 the '08 Str8 Rippin line up will be taking on the '09 Triggers Down. These two teams used to battle back in the day, I’m super excited for that one.
In the main 4v4 tournament we have a team from Europe and Ogre 1’s team from Australia. It’s crazy to see teams coming from all over the world just to play a few days early, just shows how big Halo really is.

It’s all about having fun this weekend and showing off our game to the world. All the different Halo communities let’s come together under the singular banner of Halo. Let’s show the world we’re back and better than ever. Thanks guys

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Ps: If anyone would like to play Halo 4 come Tuesday, feel free to add me. I’ll be playing all day. I’d love to talk about the tournament with you guys and get your perspective on the whole thing. Hopefully I could show you guys everyone who enjoys MLG isn’t an a**hole :smiley: