Support Upgrade- Explosives

Is it really an upgrade? I play BTB alot, and getting a sticky on a drive-by Warthog is critical, but it’s never enough. Will the upgrade take out the Hog with one sticky; is it really that much of an upgrade? Will it keep me safe from the grenade spamming aswell? It’s either that, or I’m going back to “Ammo”! Thanks!

So no one uses “Explosives”?

it really doesnt do anything its pretty pointless in the time i used it all i noticed was… well nothing it didnt seem to chage the damge at all maybe by 8-9%

It does not make your grenades more powerful. It only extends their blast radius which means they’ll hit more/farther when they explode.

(As an example) Say the Frag Grenade has a 5 foot blast radius when it explodes. The Explosives upgrade makes it have a 6 or 7 foot blast radius.

Okay, thanks!

I think it is great with frags.

I sometimes use it. It is noticeable for me.