Support Ticket Closed

The support ticket I opened concerning the Reach server outage has been closed with the message ‘After reviewing this further, it seems best to report the server outage to Xbox Support for further assistance’, which I have done. So I can only assume those who have also opened tickets have received the same response. Frustratingly, it very much feels like halo support has just washed their hands of this issue. It’s been a week now, 343 said they’d keep the servers going until December, that’s what I planned my quest for Inheritor around and that’s what I hold them to.
Has there even been any official communication or statement about the issue?

No, only thing 343i has done on waypoint concerning the issue was lock posts relating to it

Good Grief, they’re not leaving these games on a good note are they? If it’s all for the sake of Inifinite it better be worth it but it just doesn’t make sense how they couldn’t even uphold their promise to maintain the servers till December, if this is how they planned things they should’ve further specified!

Understand the frustration, but creating multiple topics isn’t going to fix the issue faster. Please keep to the existing topic, thanks