Support Steam Deck and Linux?

Don’t know what anti-cheat software Infinite will have (hopefully either Easy Anti-Cheat or Battle Eye if it will have it), but will the game run on Steam Deck & Linux? Primary concern, in addition to being able to launch, is online multiplayer.

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Just wondering too if there are plans on supporting the Steam Deck (& Linux)?

Right now support for Steam Deck is looking iffy. The flights have had next to no functionality on Linux with all the regular Windows games setup, I saw someone here on Waypoint a few weeks ago saying that to get the game running on Linux they had to run it through a Virtual Machine, which decreases performance pretty significantly.

The Steam Deck specifically uses Proton to get Windows games working on it, you can check Proton compatibility here.

Valve is working on a new proton with much greater compatibility and is very confident about 100% of all Steam games working with Proton before the console ships.

So my guess would be yes, but you’ll have to wait and see.