Support site not working, here's my feedback

I’m having a lot of fun, the heatwave and grapple shot are highlights of my experience.
But I have gripes.
Grenade swapping should be a single button press.
There needs to be a way to have contextual binding, maybe add long presses, double taps, or holds. I shouldn’t have to pick and choose what functions I want to be able to use, as of now, I gave up sprint, and target marking, so that I could drop weapons, and change zoom level.
I also paused while a match was starting, and I couldn’t move or shoot when it started, only use grapple shot.
Gravity hammer needs more physics effects, to feel more impactful, but damage is fine. Could also swing faster.
Drop wall is so weak, I don’t see the point in using it, even in a preparatory setting.
I’ll continue to update this until the flight is over, or I can submit a ticket.
Playing on Xbox one with a controller.

Also, maybe please consider doing a Halo game without sprint? I honestly think it could still work, and it would feel just that much more right!

I also get screen flickers when scrolling through the pause menu in a match, the UI disappearing to show gameplay again for a split second, then back to the menu, it’s quite disorienting.

Fruit just disappear instead of having an explosion effect when shot