All right . We 'll be honest I’m a fan of the great saga of halo But with many limits or Viewpoints which vary a comparison of fanboys … An easy example might be my favorite is the Halo Combat Evolved and Halo 2 May I think a game … what more can say insults blog ? , the wing know how serious -Yoink- , I find it boring A game And If I say what grade would you give ¨ would say a resounding 6.

but we are not here for Halo 2 going to point the blog, I want to first put them in the situation , look at the community pc ( halo ) takes almost nine, nine years without a big game in the series Halo and if said large that can someone tell but if I went the spartan assault and spartan STRIKE these are not games worthwhile for fans last year was announced Halo online but guess … died … well in fact there is a pirate version but keep ourselves in the legal framework .

After reading this drops a question How do community remained halo pc ? ¨ The answer is ironic that what keeps them alive ( a way of saying entertaining ) were the Mods, strikes me as the mods you ah given life to the community halo pc specifically Halo ce that was the most easy to access.

Although to be honest some mods are silly (not to say useless ) great thoughts and creations of young moders were shown because of that six years ago Six repeat a channel created this channel called HALO CE3 with a pag focused to meet the mods halo ce and halo 2 to expose the community … even a noble idea and I say good which respect people do not appreciate … during this half decade halo CE3 endeavored to collect several mods and quality and simply do not appreciate .

3 weeks ago CE3 Preview 2016 event took place is basically an E3 for moders halo which showed several innovative and curious ideas being honest I liked all the mods Spiral 's ODST … except that’s a sh … between those 2 sets presentations made ​​by fans these are called glassed and installation 01 . Glassed pass unnoticed just being a simple trailer installation 01 … but God. They did a vidoc -Yoinking!- what surprises me is that apart from a group of fans is killed in making these games and spend the budget that is spent (for we all know that this effort is not so easy) and effort halo CE3 to get all the information and these videos , because I tell you one thing these games were not born a year ago . haha NO.

Carry a many years of work and this is where I have to explain the title of the blog gives me curious as the community now if you listen to the project installation 01 being a few years ago were not even aware of their existence and as some people post on this game and pages talk about the games … but as I Nose this can be a bit of hypocrisy because remember that you are a project over another big fan, but were released by the vidoc where they show the work behind the game…

I want to ask the question ¿What would have happened if he had not released the donot vidoc and single images only , it would have had the same impact ?

Well I guess I gave already understand the point … Thank you for taking the time to read this view , if you are interested more about these projects and want to see the channel Halo CE3 here I leave the link: http://haloce3.com

I wish you a good day and here gamin ( the creator of this blog) says goodbye

Is my first blog are good :slight_smile:

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> You just re-posted a thread. This is gonna get locked.

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