Support: Mappack redeemed on wrong account

Today i bought thE halo combat evolved anniversery and i redeemed the map for reach on the wrong account. i called xbox live and they said make a thread on the forums requesting help. i redeemeded the code but did not download the content.

map packs are available to all accounts on the console, so you should be fine.

Not sure why they would direct you to the forums, there’s literally nobody here that can help in any significant way with such an issue. Since it was technically your fault, I don’t think Microsoft is going to give you a new code.

While the content will be available to anyone on your console, if you get a new system you won’t be able to use them without doing a license transfer on account you accidentally downloaded them on.

The only solution I can come up with is get a new copy of the game with a code, or try to find one online if it’s important to you. The cheapest solution would be to just pay the money and download the maps off of the marketplace on the proper account.

Sorry if none of those sound appealing, try to be more careful in the future. >.<