Support Halo and its Community

It’s been a bit over a year since Halo 4 has come out. Now before anyone judges Halo 4 as a whole, think about it; Without 343, we wouldn’t have Halo anymore. All we would have is memories and past games. With 343, we actually have Halo titles to look forward to.

Even though in my opinion that Halo 4 is a great game, we have still lost a lot of the community. It may be small, but it’s filled with great people who support Halo and 343, who want Halo to be a great game.

I want all of you to help support Halo 4 and it’s wonderful community. I’ve made a video talking about this for a minute or so, afterwards it’s a montage of what Halo 4 gave us. Anyways it would be great if you all checked it out. In the description of the video I have links to every YouTube channel that I know of that does Halo 4 content. Hopefully you check them all out and support them.