Support for Rocket Race

I don’t know about anyone else, but rocket race and rocket hogs were two of my favorite game types in the Halo games. If you think this game type should be added in, support this thread. Hopefully, someone at 343 will see this and make a change. It would really be nice to see those game types come back into matchmaking.

Ah, Rocket Race. One of my favorite gametypes, and also one of the many gametypes 343 decided to remove from Halo for whatever reason. Never mind the fact that Race has been a gametype since the very first game. Just one more of the many examples of how 343 removed options from the players.

I would fully support the re-inclusion of Race, as well as Assault, Territories, Firefight, Invasion, Theater for non-multiplayer modes, and whatever else they removed from the Halo series.

I’d like to see rocket race with options for mongeese rocket race or standard rocket hog race.
that and a random ‘fiesta’ style initial weapon spawn for IC/rockets/laser

I miss rocket race :frowning:

I want race in all it’s forms back and a whole playlist dedicated to race with community maps would be great!

I’d love a rally race with indestructible Spartans and Gauss hogs and the guy riding shot gun has a rail gun and the only way to win is to send the other hog flying across the map. I nether thought it would work in Reach but with how low the magnetism is on the current turret it might work rather well in Halo 4.

Anyways Rocket race or any other form of race is on the top of my list for game types I want to come back.

Rocket race would be great. I really miss the community Race nights in Reach. There was a rumor when H4 was almost out that they were going to have a dedicated playlist. Well, maybe next time.