Support: Cannot Download HW2 Ultimate Edition

I have purchased halo wars 2 about a year ago for my PC. I have recently got a new computer and trying to download hw2. My purchase history showed that I have bought the Ultimate Edition bundle but cannot download hw2, it just gave a grey box that says “Not Available”. I tried looking around to find alternative downloads. The Standard Edition and Complete Edition both says I have to purchase and download, which is understandable because I have purchased the Ultimate one. But just the game itself, does not provide me any a download link but instead a statement saying “Available only as part of a bundle. Jump to bundles.”. The hyperlink directed me to either Standard or Complete editions. How do I download my purchased game, or is my account glitched?

If you cannot support me, please direct me to the proper location to resolve my current issues. I cannot seem to find a support thread on Xbox Support

I had the same issue and this exact post about a month ago. dont expect a response from either them or microsoft but I had to reformat my pc and full update the windows store in order for it to let me install the game. For some reason my pc wouldnt update until after I reformatted so try that first. Go into the updates for windows and see if there are any. There was a new version of the windows store that I didnt have. In my apps it was just called store and it had an older layout than what everyone elses did. When i looked up halo wars 2 it said it was unavailable and that I had to pay for the regular game. Once I gave up and reformatted I did every update back to back until it was done and it changed my store to “windows store” and it let me download the game