Superflydemons Second Halo Montage

Welp, its here guys. My second montage. Check it out please rate/subscribe/comment


Montage Here

Nice! The originality of it makes the montage good.

Thanks a bunch, glad you liked it. Hope more people view it

Nice Montage. Simple edits, layed back music ftw

Very good montage. No flamboyant editing that makes you dizzy and distracts from what’s actually going on, but just good and occasionally funny gameplay (love that guest playing the Elite at around a minute) presented with simple yet good editing and a very agreeable soundtrack.

Great montage.

Liked them both 1st and 2nd, subscribed and gave thumbs up.

Thanks, Be sure to comment rate and subscribe if you liked it! Also comment on this thread to keep it alive!

Ok, so as far as what I liked about the montage: the fact that you included some of your fails, the different views (i.e. first person and angled third person shots), the music, got a kick out of all the players you were able to follow around withouth their knowing, the fact that it was H3 and not Reach makes me want to play H3, that you put in the credits what you used to capture gameplay and what you used to edit.

Only criticism maybe a bit too long for some, but for me the gameplay flowed well from one moment to the next that it kept me engaged. Even to the point that I have now watched it three times.

haha, glad you liked it. yeah i myself cannot stop watching it either.

> Only criticism maybe a bit too long for some…

Too long? Nah, that’s never a bad thing as long as it’s not quantity instead quality. And to be honest, I really dislike these 4-minute montages where the intro and credits take up 1 1/2 minutes already.

yeah, i actually have another montage that has a 1 min intro, but its fitting imo

> yeah, i actually have another montage that has a 1 min intro, but its fitting imo

Link, please?

1st montage Here

Nice montage!

> 1st montage Here

Yeah, I’ve seen that one. You posted about it on the forums a while ago, didn’t you? Like it even more than your 2nd montage.

yeah, i posted it on the forums, i cant decide which one i like better haha

Neither can I. They’re both pretty good and funny.

yeah, i love the intro and music for the 2nd one.

playing hard in hopes of a 3rd montage