Superbowl Tonight!

Alright as most of you probably know today is the perhaps most famous sporting event in the American year. Who will take victory the San Francisco 49ers who if they win this year will tie with the Pittsburgh Steelers for the most Superbowl wins. Or will it be the Baltimore Ravens who haven’t had many Superbowl Victories in a long while.

Post below and vote for your chosen team and perhaps why you support it tonight.

Ravens all the way, baby. Btw isn’t this Ray Lewis’s very last game before he retires?

In my timezone, it’s coming on right now. Happy super bowl.

Update- it’s over. Ravens won!


Personally, I could of cared less who won the Superbowl tonight. I had fun playing Halo 4 with my team tonight. We won lots of games because all the hardcore players were watching the Superbowl.

Ravens. I’m really not much of a fan of California.

Also, what was the Coin toss result? My dad voted for tails at the Papa Johns promotion and I just wanted to know if it was Heads or Tails.