Super units?

Will they keep the original super units, or will they bring in new ones?

I doubt they’ll do away with things like the scarab, they might keep those and add others to go with new leaders

Any ideas on what? I love and fear super units, I would like to know what they are so that I can mentally prepare myself for any new forms of awesomeness.

It’s a bit of a reach but if they added forerunners. War Sphinx would be great, and UNSC a cool one would be the Mammoth, serving as a troop/vehicle transport and a mini MAC.

I think it depends on when the game takes place. It could either take place during the events of halo 4,5,6 or before during the human covenant war.

I think they’ll add to it. It would be nice to see a new variety, maybe allowing for rock-paper-scissors type super units, where they all have strong weaknesses and strengths.

I think they will keep the Scarab but I would love to see some new ones

What about the Kraken from H5? That’d be cool, right?

I hated the vulture the leader units(grizzly,odst,hawks) made up for that though hopefully they either make improvements to that or add a new super unit for the unsc

I think the mammoth would be excellent for Cutter. The mantis could easily be one too. The covenant can have the kraken.