Super Ultra Rare Sacrificial REQs

What if there was something even more rare than the Achilles. Or even more rare than the best of the best items in the game?
I know! Special certifications that give you access to a large amount of items. These items come with a price. They sacrifice a random weapon/vehicle/ability for the use of it. If you want a Hannible, and you don’t have any, then you must be willing to sacrifice a different random items similar to the rarity of the Hannible.
But in order to be able to sacrifice items, you must obtain such a rare certification.

The sacrifice can be a single up to a dozen or more items. It keeps it a balance.

I think the sacrifice certification would be okay. It can be something to work for and something to use for work.
It just comes with a price. Small or big, dependence on rarity and specialty.

Anyone else have similar or different thoughts?

Yeah. I had a similar idea to this, would be pretty cool to have.