Super Multi-Team

Super multi-tea. we’ve mentioned it a million times. here’s how it should work;

4 teams of 4;

Red, Blue, Orange, Prurple (mix them colors up!)

Game types;

Team Regicide on Adrift, Haven, Dispatch, Solace

Infinity Slayer on Adrift, Haven, Exhile, etc

KOTH on Haven, Adrift, Ragnarock, dispatch

Territories (3 plot) on ragnarock, exhile, adrift haven

Multi-straction (Extraction with 2 areas) on Exhile, Haven, adrift, dispatch

I’m aiming for instant respawns, and totall kaoticness. please, 343, add this, it’s my idea and i’m sure many will like it, Bs angel said she’d pass it along from my friend Kalipzo

So people, do you like this idea?

I up for anything that doesn’t have ordinance in it.

I like the idea, but how about some green rather than purple?

Also, instead of instant respawns, have 3-5 second respawns. You don’t want enemy players respawning too fast.

I’m up for anything that will remind me of better Halo days . Multi-Team in general for the win , please .

You forgot about Oddball. That was hella fun in reach. If super multi team could have rocket mongoose race that would also be hella fun. 8 teams of 2 all with rockets/heavy weapons.

I like the idea but for 16 players it NEEDS to be on large maps only.

Yeah i forgot oddball with 3 balls

Terrible idea, multi team would be better but this would work on big maps only.

Big Multi team? That actually sounds pretty fun

As long as Multi Team is back then I’m happy