Super Mega Legendary Items

I saw someone earlier joking mention that they would be willing to pay 500000 REQs for the return of the Katana.
This had me thinking. The current Legendaries are legendary, but only because the tag at the bottom says so. When you can hardly tell the difference between the legendary version and the common version of an item it greatly reduces it’s value. There are only a few item pieces/unlockables that are truly rare at this point. So my thought is maybe having a small section of the REQ store dedicated to items you can’t obtain through REQ cards, but only saved up REQ points, similar to how Reach’s system was laid out. These items could be extremely expensive, which would fuel their rarity. It would also give you more end game goals. For people that already have all the REQs unlocked (myself) it gives a reason to continue to seek REQ points, aside from saving up for the monthly update. It also gives people who don’t play Warzone more purpose for their REQ points. Some of the items I’ve thought would be cool are:

-Katana, as previously mentioned.
-A stance from the cover of each Halo title. H2 Stance you’re duel wielding SMGs. H3 Stance you’re holding an AR at the ready looking into the distance.
-A mirrored visor
-Any assassination really
-Emile’s knife
-Jun’s cloak
-Thors Hammer (MJOLNIR) maybe this could be strapped to your back, crossing your secondary like crossed bones, or hanging from the waist.

I just feel like this would give players something to stretch for, aside from earning myself 180000 REQ points between updates. Otherwise, I can just open countless packs all day long hoping for a Warzone boost, and have no purpose for REQ points as a whole. If you agree or disagree, please explain why below.

For anyone confused, all these things i’m suggesting are solely cosmetic additions.

No. No more useless -Yoink- clogging up the already -Yoink- saturated Requsitions pool.

How is this clogging up the REQ pool? It’s not even a part of the REQ pool, I’m saying this is completely separate from the REQ pool, and these items are bought with standalone points. They offer no in game advantage. The tons and tons of loadout weapon variants and emblems are the only things I think are clogging the REQ pool.

Actually since they’ll be adding more in until June. I really like the idea of the stances and the Katana.

Yeah, since this isn’t something that would be implemented anyway, the stances in their own right would still be cool.

Maybe even some cosmetics earnable through achievements would be nice.
I just don’t want something everyone else has the opportunity to get through a random pack. I want it earned, and hard to obtain. Much like the Achilles armour set.

Give this man a cookie!

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> Give this man a cookie!

I would love a mirrored visor, that would look so cool. I would pay 500000 REQ points for any item on your list.

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> I would love a mirrored visor, that would look so cool. I would pay 500000 REQ points for any item on your list.

Do you have any suggestions of your own?

I’d LOVE this.
Bring the katana

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> I’d LOVE this.
> Bring the katana

Katana Love. One of my best memories wit Halo 3.

> 2535408466912313;8:
> Give this man a cookie!