Super Jackpot Theory

When I’m playing with friends which are on the same team we tend to get the same jackpots in the same game so this lead me to believe that the super jackpots work on the same level. I do not know if this includes the enemy team but here it goes.

So you can only get the super jackpot once a day over 3 days. so if you play a 4v4 game on the first day and one player in the lobby got the super super jackpot in another game you will not receive the jackpot if you continue to play with this player as he/she has already got the jackpot. so my theory is that you need to be in a game where every player does not have the super jackpot for that day.

super jackpots are individual…

note: topic should be closed, this idea was confirmed false by a bungie employee (the playlist manager, Jeremiah) a very long time ago- other ppl had this thought when the jackpots started.

When I played the a couple weeks ago my brother won the 30k jackpot in our second game. I didn’t win it with him.

False theory, I played with a friend, he got it on his second game, while I played with him for the rest of the day and never got it.