Super grenade throw glitch?

I’m sure many of you are familiar with this glitch if not here’s a link to explain it all for you:

Now that that is out of the way, a question. HAS ANYONE GOT HIS GLITCH TO WORK?! I haven’t gotten this thing to work and I have tried numerous times in online MM and Custom Games, I feel like this glitch is broken or it has been patched, looking for more input on it.

Because it was patched :wink:


yeah it was patched shortly after it was abused.

Funny how they were quick to patch fun things out of the game - and slow to fix things that really destroy the sandbox.

“this glitch is broken”


It may still work in customs since all the other exploits aren’t fixed but it doesn’t work if your host.

Thanks for the feedback, I was driving myself crazy trying to figure it out…really stressing out my controller.

OHhhh it got patched? :frowning:

lol so THATS why is wasnt working anymore…xD