Super Fiesta Warzone?

Playing super Fiesta was some of the most fun I’ve had in halo and while I was wishing for it to come back I thought about having the mode in warzone. Everyone spawns with random weapons and even include vehicles. Idk if this would even be possible but I’d imagine it’d be pretty fun

We had one. it’s name was Warzone turbo

Wouldn’t really work. Warzone Turbo is the crazy playlist for Warzone.

Not my cuppa tea tbh though. Normally ends with me raging as I waste all my REQ’s after being insta killed whenever I call something in.


  • Warzone Turbo - MMMMMMMAAAAAAAYYYYYYYHHHHHHHEEEEEEMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Mayhem. - It will be so friggin hard to win. - Warzone on its own is already basically BTB, Team Slayer, Firefight, and Strongholds.

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> We had one. it’s name was Warzone turbo

But with warzone turbo you still had to use your reqs. That game mode just came down to whoever pulled out the high-end power reqs first won


This cat would also like to see that game mode. And no, there’s no affiliation between me and OP. I’ve never seen that username before. But I would set it up that whatever your personal REQ level is in game, that’s the level random thing you are drawing from. That way, early in the game, it’ll be pretty even with suppressors and pistols and such, and by the end, it’s a total -Yoink!- when people have nornfangs and heartseekers.

I nominate this for weekend social.