Super Effective Rank System


-each season lasts 3 months (fall, winter, spring, summer)
-to ensure balanced matches each season is broken up into brackets based on win/loss ratios 0-20%, 20-40%, 40-60%, 60-80%, 80-100%
-you must play 10 matches in a bracket and have the requisite win/loss ratio to advance to the next bracket, so a minimum of 50 games must be played to reach the highest bracket
-your placement within a bracket during a season is never permanent, you can move up or down in the brackets ,throughout, the season depending on your current win/loss ratio
-what bracket you are currently in would only be viewable by you while being invisible to everyone else
-an indicator could be placed in your playlist search screen to represent the bracket you are currently in
-you must play 100 games to get ranked for the season, 2 matches a day gets you ranked for the season
-you can play more then 100 games in a season, 100 is only the minimum requirement to gain eligibility to be ranked
-all games played after 100 continue to influence your win/loss ratio for that season thus affecting your rank

Overall Ranks

-overall ranks would be playlist specific and are shown, for all to see, next to a players name in lobbies and their player cards, similar to ranks in h2/h3
-these ranks are awarded to a player at the end of the season and are solely based on your win/loss ratio for that season
-after the first season everyone who played 100 games in a particular ranked playlist will be given a rank
-as more seasons are played the average of your overall ranks per-season is calculated giving you an extremely accurate measure of your skill level
-overall ranks are similar to h2/h3 ranks but with the difference being there is no highest rank, instead ranks would go from 1-infinity
-finish a season with a win/loss ratio of 94% or higher and you will receive a rank of 50 for that season
-finish the following season with a win/loss ratio of 94% or higher and your overall rank would increase by 1
-all ranks above 50 would be symbols like in h2

I believe this system would be great because

-greatly reduce the selling of accounts since there is no longer a highest rank
-eliminate de-ranking completely due to the fact that a players rank is solely based of of their win/loss ratio and as such cannot be influenced by abyone else
-reduce boosting due to no rank ceiling and the fact that your rank is solely based off of your win/loss ratio and can not be influenced by anyone else’s statistics
-allow for well balanced matches while providing a constant incentive to keep players actively engaged

Thanks for reading!!

edit: tweaked wording

This rank reset every couple months would most likely stop people from buying accounts. But I really dont care if someone buys an account, I think its silly 343 is worried about that. This system you have however wouldn’t stop cheating, which is the biggest problem.