super credit jackpot

Does this count towards your credit cap?

Something weird happened for me. I hit it 2 games in a row. First game as the game ended I saw 41k in the lower left hand corner of the screen, and in post game it didnt show the 39k bonus but it gave me over 40k in my experience bar and i went from 99k to 140k total credits. The next game it said 41k in the lower left again, but this time in post lobby it showed 39k as the slot as well but it subtracted 40k credits and put me at 100k credits.

Now after the first jackpot that should have been my credit max there, but I dont understand why it subtracted the next game instead of just giving me zero. Plus i thought the super jack pots werent included in the daily max.

I’ve always thought Super Jackpots weren’t included in the credit cap, either. Plus, the cap is at 200,000 cR, so I don’t know why it would subtract credits when you were only at 140k.

I don’t know why you were subtracted credits, but as far as I know, the credit jackpot does count toward your credit cap. Far as I know, all credits earned count toward it.