Sunset of Halo Waypoint forums

so as I’ve been trying to get my problem with being banned from the Halo discord due a unforeseen problem, why is it so hard to get in contact with someone to be unbanned since most of the moderation for the community will now be taking place on Discord due to the sunsetting of the Halo Waypoint Forums services

I literally just want to do the one thing i was told to do by the moderation team to re-join the Discord community as it seems most of the community is now over there…

You should have been sent a link to the appeals server when you were banned. Asking here isn’t the way to go.

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yep. and again I was told to make a new account and rejoin, which hasn’t been possible at all on my new account… I’m unable to get into the Ban Appeals server nor the Halo server

is there any other way to get an invite to the ban appeals server? i can show proof of having communication with them on my older account, but going by what the mods had told me to do hasn’t bore any fruit. it’s why i’ve been here for months trying to have my problem solved

so @Comedic_Hermit is asking here isn’t the way to go, why is there a discord unban thread?

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so if i can’t get back into the server on my new account, what am i meant to do?