༼ づ ಠ_ಠ ༽づ Summon Collision ༼ づ ಠ_ಠ ༽づ

༼ づ ಠ_ಠ ༽づ Summon Collision ༼ づ ಠ_ಠ ༽づ

Make it happen 343.
We all want it.
We all need it.
Things are broken without it.


You’ll have to pay extra for this feature.


given how they rolled out content with H5, I have no doubts that the player collision feature will be “free DLC”


Best I can do is $3.50


I can do at least $3.43


I have this theory that collision doesn’t work properly yet which is why they don’t want to implement it.

As it stands right now enemies have ‘’’’‘collision’’’’’. The reason that’s in so many quotes is because the enemy collision is so broken and wonky that they might as well not have it either.


Yeah, there is definitely something weird with enemy collision that becomes obvious when you melee from the front and get a back smack instead or when you try to splatter them in a vehicle and they just slide past or under you.

But still… Turn it on… At least that’s better than nothing.

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100% vehicle to player collision feel weird, like all your speed just suddenly stops for a moment before returning like nothing happened


I ran into a spartan with the chopper earlier today and he just slid on top of me and hijacked me. Their shields popped so I know I ‘hit’ them, but yeah… it’s wonky.

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The Chopper is especially bad. Is it even possible to destroy another vehicle by boosting into it?

I thought that was really the only reason to get into one but I have run into numerous warthogs with it and… Nothing.

I have been in a Warthog and purposely drove directly into the front of the Chopper while it looked like it was boosting towards me… Nothing.

My guess is that “collision” is at least part of the problem with the Chopper.

The chopper is absolute trash in this game. I wouldn’t get in one if you paid me.

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This isnt EA. 343i is not as bad as that.

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Did they fix collision yet???

Just do it 343

$9.99 per month for collision, and $14.99 if you want it to work in Ranked. Don’t have the money? Hope you enjoy being back smacked from the front.

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I’ve got a 30 like reply in support of keeping soft-collision on…

But I’ve changed my mind. At least with enemies. Too many times have I ran right through a guy and lost him entirely, and CQC is all round a real pain. I still don’t mind it with teammates, but you gotta have actual interactions with opponents.

༼ づ ಠ_ಠ ༽づ


I mean I’d rather pay that than $20 for white :rofl:

Forgotten Sands yellow = works on all 3 cores for $7.99
Bone white = works only on Mark VII for $19.99

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(っ °Д °;)っ Give me collision


I don’t like the messed up collision with team mates or enemies either… I’m so glad I can run/jump right through my team mate but can still splatter them while in a vehicle but also not blow them to pieces with a rocket launcher or grenades lmao this is 343’s logic hard at work here.

The other day I had rockets and because there is no team mate collision but they still block weapon fire, a team mate ran through me which ended up blocking my shot and made me kill myself. This has happened quite a few times with other weapons too. I also think the melee is so weird right now because of poor collision detection.

On top of that, friendly fire needs to be on at all times… wtf are you suppose to do when every team mate is chucking grenades into the doorway while also storming right through the explosions unphased spraying an AR and slamming Hammer over and over… My team mates go forward and I just lob grenades right in behind them to help out because it doesn’t hurt them whatsoever. The other day in Fiesta the score was 48 to 49, my friend and I knew that if we spammed rockets into this room that had our other team mate the enemy will be dead and our team mate will come out completely unharmed. We launched rockets and grenades into the room blindly and won since we can’t kill our own team.


Earlier today I went to melee a weak opponent, and even though the melee sound effect played for me, my melee missed, he walked directly through me, and killed me with a back smack.

Fix your game, 343. Stop breaking things that worked fine for 20 years in halo.

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