Summary table bug and Sward overpowered

A BTB match my team lose, I was in RED team(maybe called Cobra in English ver.), but at top-right of screen, it says “Your Team: Eagle”

Another BTB match me team win, I was in RED team(Cobra), top-right of screen says “Your Team: Eagle”

Looks like it always say I’m in Eagle ?

Played a match just yet(don’t know name of game mode in English, pretty much like Halo5’s Fiesta) in small 4v4 map with much corner, at beginning score comes to 17:17, until they got 2 Swords… Since Swordman runs fast and we don’t have Thruster Pack anymore, there is no way to survival if we encountered a swordman and don’t have powerful weapon.

Score board comes to 35:50 in the end, my team didn’t survival from this massacre…

Personally, this is one reason why I truly believe the old Reach mechanic where you can sword melee or punch a sword lunge with good timing to stun the enemy, should return. It gives you a small chance to survive a sword, and shoot them back. Halo Infinite is a very fast paced game, so having an extra combat element would fit in very well with the current sandbox.


Just loose another match in exactly same situation

Honestly, if your enemy have 2 swords in a 4v4 fiesta, you can just quit from this match, you wouldn’t have fun and no chance to win…

What a worst balance👎

Y’all need to play some ranked, we kill sword carriers all the time. 9 times out of 10 you can just backpedal away from them and 4 burst them in the head easily since they tend to run in a straight line.

I also try to keep a zipline or repulsor or something on me to create some distance if needed. I’m gold 6 if I can do it you can do it.