Suitable server

The game played flawlessly for me for several days but suddenly every time I get on I get locked out of multiplayer with the red exclamation mark saying “Could not find a server that was suitable for all members of your fireteam”. This has literally made the game unplayable for me and it happened for no reason one day mid-session. It’s not a regional issue because it happens even when playing solo. The only solution I’ve found was completely factory resetting every single piece of hardware I had and that only worked for a few hours and then it locked me out again. It’s forced me to stop playing the game after I spent over a grand buying the new console, limited collectors edition of the game, and all the new controllers. I reached out to Microsoft and they said it had to be something on the developers end. Just how common is this issue? Please help fix this ASAP.

I’ve been having this issue since day one so I haven’t been able to play a single multiplayer game. 343i really needs to fix this problem fast