Suicide and T-bag

Can you suicide with a rocket to the floor? and can you t-bag with a good speed? or is slow t-bag ._.?? and cand you crouch in the air like the past halo games? and can you die with a vehicle that you flew and fell?? Thanks, this seem stupid questions but it is important in a Halo game :slight_smile:

Yes, yes to everything.


Yeah :slight_smile: halo isnt battles at all, its very fun and hilarius, halo is not halo without fails for example.

no more replys? :frowning:

I don’t think I’ve every had a banshee I flew fall on me since Halo CE, I’m just hoping the AI is better so I can actually… maybe… sit on the turret of a Warthog without worrying about being driven off a cliff.

:slight_smile: y really like the fails.

My post die :frowning: