Any body got any suggestions on fun custom games to play with friends

I’ve got a whole bunch of fun customs in my MCC fileshare. Some were copied straight from matchmaking, some were copied from other peoples’ fileshares, and some were re-built by me from old games that were popular back in the day. Gamertag is willko.

You can find all of the necessary maps and gametypes for each of these in my MCC fileshare:

“Team King of the Hill with swords and triple overshields”
Halo 2 classic
Map: Ascension, midship, or Lockout
Gametype: King of the Hill -> Pit of Joy
(players form 2 teams, red and blue)

“Deliver the bomb to your opponents goal”
Halo 3
Map: Foundry -> GrifballHub 8v8
Gametype: Assault -> Grifball 8v8
(Players form 2 teams, red and blue) *Note: Even though the description says 8v8, it should work just fine with lower player counts. I took the basic 4v4 version and added more spawn points.

“Infection with slow-moving zombies. Score points by getting kills, not by hiding. 3 rounds with randomly chosen zombies at the start of each”
Halo 3
Map: Sandbox -> Spooky House
Gametype: Infection -> Braaains
(Players do not form teams)

“Vehicle-based CTF where all players are on Gungooses(Gungeese?)”
Halo 2 anniversary
Map: Bloodline -> Bloodline
Gametype: Capture the flag -> Gungoose CTF LAN
(Players form 2 teams, red and blue)

“The VIP is driven by his partner through the checkpoints to score points. Unlimited rockets and unlimited health”
Halo 3
Map: Sandtrap -> Rocket Race
Gametype: VIP -> Rocket Race
(Players form several teams of 2 each)

“Push other players off the floating platform. Oh, and the platform shrinks over time”
Halo 2 anniversary
Map: Skyward -> Mongoose Sumo
Gametype: King of the Hill -> Sumo by Turb
(Players do not form teams)

“Team Slayer with shotguns and no shields. control the tower to control the turret”
Halo 2 classic
Map: Ascension
Gametype: Slayer -> Tower of Power
(can be played with 2 teams, or played as a multi-team variant)

“Drive off the ramp to land in the cups. Drinking optional. 3 rounds, best of 3 wins the game”
Halo 2 anniversary
Map: Skyward -> Beer Pong - 10 cup
Gametype: Race -> Beer Pong - 10 cup
(Players form 2 teams, red and blue)

“CTF down a straight Hallway. Spawn with random weapons”
Halo 4
Map: Impact -> Meta Raid
Gametype: Capture the Flag -> Husky Raid
(Players form 2 teams, red and blue)

“Fast-paced CTF with instant kills. Flag carrier can shoot. Sprinting disabled”
Halo 4
Map: Pitfall -> Pitfall
Gametype: Capture the flag -> Lightning Flag
(players form 2 teams, red and blue)

“All teammates must complete all 5 laps to win. Drive your teammates, impede your opponents, and try not to get run over”
Halo CE
Map: Blood Gulch
Gametype: Race -> Team Race BG
(Players form 2 teams, red and blue)

I made a pretty good map called Tank for Halo 3 MCC. I would also look at Forge Labs YouTube channel as they showcase a very large amount of fun custom games.