Suggestions for Spartan Ops Season 2

just curious if any one has suggestions/wishes they would like to see or do if they make another season. Mine are…
-Fighting on human colonies ( more specifically earth)
-Brutes and brute weapons/ vehicles
-Good elites come back along with the Arbiter
-Master Chief Action
-Flood returning?
-going on a Halo ring

  • this is a very long stretch but maybe bring back Hayabusa armor but find skulls throughout the spartan ops campaign to get the armor or codes to enter on waypoint. ( they have a model of hayabusa armor for halo 4 released on the web as a picture ONLY but has not been put in the game)

no recycled maps

I want to fight Xenomorphs and maybe Star Wars and Star Trek Easter Egg or two.

Just kidding.

> no recycled maps

Thats impossible.

My only suggestion for season 2 is to have death actually matter. I found that the lack of either checkpoints or some other form of penalty for death sort of took me out of the experience. If there had been checkpoints than playing it solo legendary may have been most fun ive had doing a campaign of Halo solo since Halo 2.

Recycled locations are inevitable. Both in terms of development and story, same locations will be revisited. As long as they build upon these locations and give us something more to explore each time, i’d be happy. Completely new locations every other episode is fine.

I wish that they would put a little more emphasis on Crimson (or whatever team we assume the role of in the next Season). So far, I feel like Majestic is the team that actually matters despite playing all 50 chapters as Crimson. We only saw ourselves in one chapter, briefly and it is hard to feel any connection to the bigger picture.

Get the players more engaged in the story or just let us play as Fireteam Majestic.

Almost forgot: Let us fly the Pelican or Broadsword!

that is a really good point

Some things I would want are:

-Broadsword missions: Some missions involving the broadswords would be nice(And by involve, I mean Crimson actually flying them), whats the point in adding a space fighter like that if its just going to be in one campaign mission? Maybe have a couple of space dogfight missions or something like the trench run in Midnight, but honestly the limits are, well, limitless.

-Tutorial chapter in episode one or two of season 2: Maybe have a mission in one of the first two episodes that show Crimson how to fly the Broadswords, since they obviously aren’t Noble Six or the Chief, they won’t know how to fly a Broadsword unless given proper training, so a chapter dedicated to learning Broadsword controls would be nice.

-Bigger maps: Self-explanatory, bigger and non-recycled maps that are perhaps big enough for air-type stuff, I 'unno.

-Pelican gibs: If pelicans are going to be included as a flyable vehicle in Season 2 (Crosses fingers please, please, please!) then I think it’ll need a few gib models, that was the only thing that urked me in Halo 4, when the pelican was destroyed and instead of gibbing, it stuck to its orginal model.

-Mantis vs. Locust fight? Kind of like a fist-fight type of thing between a Mantis and a Locust would be enjoyable to watch/participate in. I don’t know about this one I’m kind of just spit balling.

-Showing our spartans during pre-mission cutscenes: When I first played Spartan Ops I was sort of excited to see my spartan in the starting cutscenes, similar to Noble Six in Halo: Reach, but alas, this didn’t happen. But in all seriousness, some cutscenes showing are spartans deploying out of a pelican would be pretty cool, adding and subtracting spartans that appear according to how many players are in the mission (1-4).

Kill it. It’s utterly pointless.

But if I were still hopeful, it’d be this:

-allow skipping
-no kill all enemies requirement except for wave battles
-have some wave battles that don’t require more enemies to be killed to spawn the next wave of enemies
-allow exploration outside of map
-more path options (to keep the console’s resources in check, don’t spawn enemies on the other side unless player changes his mind and goes there if access to that path hasn’t been blocked)
-more vehicle variety
-more teams/factions. We have UNSC, Librarian (Sentinels), Covies/Prometheans alliance. That’s really, really sad. Let’s see some Covies vs. Prometheans again, not to mention Prometheans vs. Sentinels, which was noticeably absent in the Campaign
-Scarabs. Modders have uncovered a Scarab model on Harvester in Episode 6. If it’s there and possibly functioning, why not use it?
-let us mute the dialogue with d-pad or something. Not only is it repetitive but I find Roland’s button pushing remarks improper sometimes
-make the subtitles option work when watching Spartan Ops episodes on this website
-include subtitles when watching Spartan Ops episodes from the console
-unique AI. What happened to Elites with Scattershots, the Knight Bromethean, Grunts with Boltshots, etc.? It’s missing in Episode 10
-unique AI encounters. Sentinels vs. Watchers, Crawlers + Hunters, Crawlers + Elites. What happened to the enemy variety? In Episode 10, all I saw was sequential spawning. Covies then Prometheans (or vice versa), just like in the older episodes.

Skipped the last 2 missions, watched the ending cutscene. I’m intrigued.

Kill Spartan Ops as a game mode, just make it a longer cinematic experience.