suggestions for improving multiplayer in Halo 4

As a hardcore fan of the Halo franchise since Halo: CE and an online warrior since Halo 2 I am making this thread to try and help guide 343i in the right direction with Halo 4’s multiplayer. I do NOT speak in the behalf of ever single community member. I am only one person, so If you wish to voice your opinion in this thread that is your right and I encourage it.

I have watched Bungie fail with it’s poor choices in multiplayer ever since Halo 3 came out back in 2007. I watched them implement stale elements that were present in other games making the Halo franchise look more and more generic as time went by. I will list improvements on the multiplayer that would change the franchise back to it’s previous glory and YOU, 343i will be the ones to do it.

-Starting off with the most basic of all suggestions, Halo 2 was the most popular multiplayer for years on the original Xbox and it was for a reason. Try and see what they succeeded in and failed in. I can personally say that cheaters deterred players from playing matchmaking, which lead to a stronger and closer community.

-Clans had a huge role in strengthening the community. Clans brought people together INSIDE the game which helped players grow since they could play with newer people. This lead to players not only having fun when they are ranking up, but when they were socializing and playing in fun custom games.

-Halo 2’s Polished UI, friends list and clans that used the game UI not something that can be accessed from the guide button. As you may know, the Xbox 360 doesn’t have the quickest UI and what Halo 2 did was made the friends list, clans easily accessible and minimalistic. Halo: Reach also has this but I found it too cluttered and not clean enough. A lot of content can be dealt with to clean it up some.

-BxR and RRx provided an added factor for competitive players. I am not stating that it was a glitch since in the Halo 2 manual it clearly states that X is a cancel button. I found this to be a neat aspect of the game since landing one of these moves took some amount of practice and timing. The reason Bungie took it out is to cater to the casual player that couldn’t land the movies, which I understand. I am not saying that you guys should put it back but I am making the claim that it put a gap between skilled players and casual players which the competitive community liked.

-Halo 3’s custom game options added another layer of depth to online play allowing people to customize weapon load outs specifically. Forge also helped people fine tune maps to their liking. What I am trying to say is that there are certain elements that won’t appeal to certain players and allowing the players to have complete control over custom games is a logical step for Halo 4.

-Ranking system in Halo 2 and 3. The major problem with Reach is that it went in the opposite direction and turned it’s back on the previous ranking systems already implemented. The thing that builds a great franchise is CONTINUITY, what Reach did completely nullified the reason to even play matchmaking since there is no “physical” ranks such as 1-50. I say that both an 1-50 ranking system and a progressive one can co-exist in a game. I found the designs of the Halo 3 and Reach ranks very bland. The one thing I enjoyed about Halo 2’s ranks is that each set was unique in figure and color. Halo 3’s military ranking has been done over and over and is a dead horse. Reach had too many ranks, and the ranking system was too similar to a Call of Duty ranking system which is just play the game and you’ll level up no matter what. The whole idea of playing multiplayer is that you want to be recognized for winning not allowing the loser to level up as well because they “tried their best”.

-Halo 2 also invented a system that is now Halo Waypoint. I wouldn’t recommend charging players for this service like what Call of Duty is doing. It was created by Bungie as a FREE method of keeping track of your records and it should stay that way.

-There needs to be ample communication with MLG in the creation process of the Halo 4 MP. This will allow for competitive players to provide input on the Multiplayer as it’s being built. Take their advice with a pinch of salt thought.

-File Sharing in Halo 3 was also a great idea which goes hand in hand with Theater mode. Capturing one’s gameplay and putting it in their File Share so people can download and see it is a brilliant idea. Maybe there is a way of implementing some of it in Halo 4 or Waypoint.

-Spartan customization is a great idea but anything is excess can be bad. Too much customization can also be bad so try to find a balance with it. Here is a hint, what Halo Reach did was too much customization. A few things like visor colors were neat but others not so much.

-Map design was at it’s peak in Halo: CE, Halo 2, and Halo 3. Don’t be afraid to remake some popular maps since as I said above, continuity is useful providing a sense of nostalgia and familiarity.

People, if you think I didn’t touch on a certain area please post it. Thank you for reading my thread.

> -Spartan customization is a great idea but anything is excess can be bad. Too much customization can also be bad so try to find a balance with it. Here is a hint, what Halo Reach did was too much customization. A few things like visor colors were neat but others not so much.

I don’t think too much customization is bad to be honest. It has no effect on gameplay and is completely optional.