Suggestions for improving Halo Infinite

I wanted to compile all my ideas for Infinite in one place. I would love to hear what ideas others have in the replies or if you disagree with some of my ideas. Let me start by saying I am having a blast with Infinite. These suggestions are to help the game be even better. I am going to try and put these suggestion in order of priority to me as a player. :slight_smile:

XP Progression
Right now xp gains are tied exclusively to challenges. While gaining xp from challenges is fine it become an issue when it is the only way. Quite frankly 343 already made a perfect system for this in Halo MCC. Medals and contribution to the objective should provide a reasonable amount of xp. I would also suggest xp boosters only running down while the game is open but that is not as big a deal

Many current challenges are very specific goals that restrict the player greatly in what they do during a match. Challenges that are weapon or vehicle specific discourage players from focusing on the match and instead reward hunting specific weapon spawns and ignoring the objective. Once again MCC has a wonderful challenge system. While the rewards in both are similar MCC stands out because the challenges are not focused on specific weapons but rather a class of weapon. Using challenges already made for the MCC as a guide could create challenges that are engaging but do not restrict the player.

In game store
There are a lot of interesting items in the store to obtain but the cost of credits makes it hard for most players to consider even one item. I would not suggest changing prices on credits or items as that would receive massive backlash from those who have already purchased items. I do however suggest a way to earn credits through normal gameplay. It could be a small amount obtained via challenges or a reward for playing x amount of matches. This would encourage players to pay more attention to the shop and maybe even buy some credits to combine with those they have earned in game to buy cosmetics. I imagine that people buying the battlepass with credits would not be desired by 343 and to that end I would suggest selling both versions with real world money instead of credits but keeping all other items in the credit system.

There is a lot of amazing thing in the customization system but also some areas that could be improves. The biggest issue to me is armor kits. It is cool to equip a set and look like iconic noble team members but it would be greatly appreciated if we could equip the individual pieces to out armor as well allowing for greater player personalization. I would be interested in having an armor kit section that lists all the pieces required for the full kit which would encourage players to seek out those items to complete their sets.
Coatings are a new addition that allows for new way to color your armor. On the other hand it does take away from some of the options of the old system. There are a lot of ways to improve this but the ideal way to me would be to split coatings into 3 or 4 sections. the first section would be patterns which determine how colors are placed on your armor. the second and third would be primary and secondary colors which would be applied to the armor according to the chosen pattern. 4 fourth option could also exist if a third color is desired.

Most of the weapons used so far have been wonderful and feel good when used but there are some that seem lacking. I would love to hear what other players think would help with improving these weapons

Plasma Carbine
As a plasma weapon I imagine the main goal of this weapon is to cripple shields however it does not seem to happen reliably. Some things that might help in my opinion would be to increase damage to shields or increase projectile speed to allow shots to land more often.

VK78 Commando
Now I have some friends that are in love with this gun but myself and some other friends of mine struggle with it. I think the biggest issue for me in a multiplayer match is magazine size. It often feels like an enemy is one shot from death with this gun right as the gun goes empty. Increasing the amount of rounds it can hold would allow well placed shots to more consistently deliver results.

Big team battle
In general big team battle is a blast and my favorite mode but I do think some things could be tweaked. When it comes to heavy vehicle spawns it feels like they often spawn too late to make a strong impact. If they spawned a small amount earlier or at set intervals like the wasp on highpower it would allow for more intense conflicts during a match. On the topic of vehicle spawns it seems often that pelicans will drop items on both sides of the map but not always of the same quality. I do not know if this is some sort of catchup mechanic or random chance but it often results in one team having a strong advantage over the other. A similar issue seems to occur in objective modes where an objective can spawn very close to one teams side of the map. I do not have any immediate suggestions for this but feel it could use monitoring to determine its impact on matches.

Thats its for the time being on my feedback. I want to acknowledge that even if any of these changes occur they will not happen overnight as it takes time to properly implement such things. Thank you to those who took the time to read through and please share your thoughts in the replies. :slightly_smiling_face:


Add BOTH platform and input options, Even MCC has it. That’s really all I’m concerned about at the moment. Unfortunately, I’m going to stop playing for good if they don’t have both options by Dec 4th as this is getting extremely frustrating. Idk why 343 is taking a step back and forcing console players to play vs PC. I guess I’ll be going back to MCC where I get the option to choose platform and input.


Im still confused in general as to MKB vs Controller. On the forum ive seen people saying playing with MKB is a disadvantage and vice versa. Personally I think aiming is better on MKB but movement is better on controller but I don’t feel at a disadvantage either way. I think it is fair to have an option to turn on crossplay matchmaking although personally I prefer matching against both.

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