Suggestions for Halo encyclopedias & visual art

Hello everyone. I fell a bit behind the various Halo encyclopedias / visual art.

Which one do you recommend me to take? Does it make sense to buy the first Halo Encyclopedia since there is Mythos which is newer? What about WarFleet? The essential visual art guide? The art of building worlds? Which one should I give priority to? Thanks for the attention

I have a few of them. Mythos is my favorite since it gives lots of lore and a structured timeline that helps a lot when you want to remember something about an event. It also is the most up to date (explains the events up to halo 5).

If memory serves it also gives you an overview of the ships.

Warfleet is OK, but I expected more from it than what I got.

Edit: all other visual guides are fine books, but you probably get more bang for your buck going with Mythos first. Lots of art in there too.

So you suggest to give up about Halo Encyclopedia and focus only on Mythos? Also Art of building worlds is forgettable?

It depends on what you really want right now.

If you are looking for more lore information, the Mythos is the best start. The book sums up all major events and some characters from the Halo universe with lots of art. It is up to date up to Halo 5 (included) and it reads more like an actual novel, than the Encyclopaedia.

The Encyclopaedia I have is the one updated for Halo Reach. It has a timeline with all major events (summed up in one line per event for the most part). It features a list of all characters, soldier class, weapons and even ammo type for both UNSC and Covenant. So, it is rich but outdated.

However, I just noticed that they announced a new Encyclopaedia for 2022, updated with everything up to Halo Infinite (so my next buy for sure). I would get Mythos first to update myself on all the major events and get the other one later.

The Mythos is also surprisingly good at supplying a flow for all the books and can even replace some of them if you do not want to read them (or re-read them).

I agree with the others that of the visual guides and encyclopedic books, Mythos will likely be the most satisfying purchase.

That said, if you like to dig into every facet of the lore, there is value in the others. For example:

In a novel, the velocity is given as “point four tenths” of the speed of light, and consequently, there was much debate as to whether the velocity was “0.4/10 c”, or “0.4 c”.

The first Halo Encyclopedia gave the velocity of the super-MAC round as 40% of the speed of light, though some fans argued that this was an incorrect reading of the relevant novel and dismissed it.

The second Halo Encyclopedia gave the velocity as “nearly half” the speed of light, which solidifies that the intended velocity for super-MAC rounds is in fact 40% c, (0.4 c, not 0.4/10 c).

So you’re saying halo encyclopedia is (obviously) leaner than Mythos, but it also has some major inaccuracies compared to Mythos. It must be said that Mythos also covers 4/5 halo which are not exactly my favorite halo … maybe I should wait directly for the new encyclopedia of 2022?

I don’t know if “leaner” is necessarily the right term. Mythos is a smaller book than the encyclopedias. And as the lore develops, newer publications will reflect the current lore better than older ones, because they account for new information and retcons.

If you want to wait for the 2022 Halo Encyclopedia, that’s a fine choice too. If you can find the others for the right price second-hand, you might pick them up to compare and contrast if you’re interested in doing such.

So you don’t recommend buying them new, but always second-hand? And which channels should I contact? Amazon, Ebay, etc.?

For the rest, the problem with encyclopedias in the 21st century is that they will be old the day after their publication. In fact, I would like to take them just for a taste of collecting, or to admire the beautiful concept art inside.

I just threw out used copies as a more affordable means of acquiring them if you’re saving up for the new one. If price isn’t an issue, by all means get Halo: Mythos new.

I purchased my copies of the two existing Halo Encyclopedias through Amazon (used) because I’m not aware of anywhere selling them new.