Suggestions for Halo 5's Multiplayer.

Hey 343i,

Changes I’d make on Halo 5 Multiplayer.

  • Return Invisibility to its origins. A Power-up, just like you did with the over-shield.

  • Add a weapon similar to Ripper, from Unreal Tournament. This weapon would be fun to use(This one might also be good to add on the campaign).

  • Ordinances are alright in my honest opinion, just please. Make them fall exactly where we point our cross-air, make them less frequent and please, make the weapons despawn time much much longer.

  • Remove the Jetpack’s limited thrust up in the air with the man-cannons. Make it function like Thruster Pack(Stops mid-air to go in the pointed direction).

  • Loadouts are alright, they add up weapon variety to the game. Although, if you are keeping the DMR as it is with this fire-rate, basically 5 shot kills and bullet magnetism, make this weapon a map spawning weapon, not a Loadout Weapon. If you do this you balance the game in an unimaginable way. Remove the Boltshot from Loadouts too and add them as a map spawn weapon.

  • Carbine needs to have a faster fire rate or boost its damage just a bit enough to kill with one less bullet.

  • Remove the plasma pistol’s energy draining while charging. This was moronic in reach. That weapon’s lock on range is so bad that when you get to shoot the charge you already lost half your round % OR add plasma pistol ammo throughout the map(which never existed). I prefer the first option.

  • Playlists - This was the major issue, I guess. I understand why you didn’t add everything right away. Its quite simple to understand but most don’t. The fact that the game is quite fast paced and the maps are completely new. Instead of trying to add playlists you spent most of your time fixing bugs and server overload issues. Next time release a Multiplayer beta. You will get a good feedback then.

Can’t come up anything else right now. Feel free to add anything.

Lets make this a beneficial thread, please.

Refrain from bashing with unnecessary and pointless remarks.

Best regards,

Tornado Gun!

My only suggestion:

In terms of weapons, eliminate redundancy.

The Suppressor is basically just a Forerunner SMG. Slow down the Storm Rifle’s shots and potentially boost damage to bring it into the Suppressor’s close-range role. Replace the Supressor with the Sentinel Beam, which would fill a long-range automatic role. On the other hand, if you’d like to keep it to the Supressor’s role, keep it 100% accurate and add ranged damage dropoff.

Make the Incineration Cannon actually block an area with Hardlight fire for a few seconds, its cluster bombs just make it a bit too similar to the Rocket Launcher.

Find a way to differentiate the Binary Rifle, possibly give it a quarter second delay between trigger pull and the weapon firing to make it more skill-oriented.

Remove the DMR. I don’t personally dislike the gun, but it’s just redundant. Keep the Carbine an 8sk, remove any spread, and give it a 3x scope to make it fill the DMR’s long-range role, while not being overpowered.

We also need more semi-power weapons:

The Needler should be as it was before Halo 4, it’s just too much of a power wep now. Having a bunch of power weapons with similar ease of use and killtimes makes balancing asymmetrical maps really hard for Forgers. Make it a 6sk without shields to supercombine.

The Concussion Rifle should be considered part of this category. Remove the ways it obstructs an attacked player’s screen, and change nothing else about it.

I’d like the Scattershot to be a 2sk at the bare minimum, but have spread reduced to compensate. Keep damage dropoff as it is, and remove the drop in damage while ricocheting shots.

This is a bit extreme, but I would prefer it if the plasma pistol were buffed and removed from loadouts. Extend the time that an EMP affects vehicles for, and make shots travel the speed they did in CE. Leave tracking as-is, and slightly up the ammo count.

The SAW should have its spread upped, as well as its magnetism reduced to necessitate burst firing.

In addition, and this is just an idea, I would love a power weapon that allows one player to reduce their own shields to give a teammate an overshield layer. Imagine TF2’s Medic Gun, but it drains its user’s shields to transfer them to the person they’re either healing or giving extra shielding to. It would work from close to mid-range, and the effect is negated if the person holding the weapon is killed.

I’m liking this thread already.