Suggestions for Halo 5

After spending a few hours playing the halo 5 beta I have a few suggestions how to make, what I feel, are some of the less favorable aspects of the game more palatable.

For starters, the kill cams… Seriously? Still with the kill cams? I hated them in Halo 4 and I hate them even more now in Halo 5. Please, either remove them or give us the option to turn them off. They are annoying as is the music that plays every time one gets killed. It’s obnoxious to have to watch how the person who killed me did it as well as have annoying music rub it in further that I have died. I got killed, I get the point, respawn me already and let me get back into the game.

Secondly, no option to turn off the vibration function of the controller? I never use it. For one it’s a distraction and second;y it drains my controller’s batteries like crazy. Give us the option to turn off the vibration, please.

Thirdly, how come I can’t view the medals I earned during the match in the post game screen? WTF is up with that? Players have been able to do that since Halo 3, why can’t we do it now? Honestly, is the drug abuse at 343 that rampant that they can’t even stick with one simply tradition of the game?

Fourthly, the end match screen… we know we lost, why do we have to have not only the announcer shout DEFEAT!! in our faces but we have to watch the other team celebrate in the most assinine, arrogant, jockstrappish way possible, like their a bunch of “bro dudes” from the Jersey Shore getting pumped for a night of clubbing. What’s next? Snooky? Seriously, take it out. We know how the match turned out, we don’t need to see that garbage.

All in all, it is good to see the game trying to return to the original Halo arena formula, but seriously, we don’t need the extra added fanfare junk that cheapens a game that has potential for greatness. 343, stop trying to warp what Bungie accomplished. Instead, COPY THE HELL OUT OF THEM! Do what Bungie did with Halo and people might respect you. Till then, stop trying to COD-ize Halo or this franchise will sink like a stone coated in lead wrapped in steel chains in a titanium box down to the bottom of the Mariana Trench.