Suggestions for Halo 4.

Halo Reach lost a lot of Halo fans, through a lot of good ideas executed poorly, or terrible ideas. So in this thread, I’m going to be giving my person two cents on what’s needed to make Halo 4 the amazing games that Halo CE and Halo 2 were (and some people might argue Halo 3)

This is a key to any game. People, like me, were DEVASTATED when we found out there was no BR. Was anyone else sad to see no mauler, or even no SMGs?

No Bloom.
Return of Dual Wields

Return from Reach:
Grenade Launcher - A weapon that has taken the hearts of many.
DMR - A great long range weapon, Keep this a 5SK, but make the reticle the size of the outer circle in the default reticle in Reach.

Return from past Halo Games (guns that were removed):
Mauler - I’m a big Walshy fan. lol nuff said. But this was a great close range weapon.
SMG - A great alternative to the AR.
BATTLE RIFLE - A great mid-short range, skillful weapon. 4SK. This and DMR in Slayer Pro varients, BR for close/mid combat, DMR for mid/long.

Maps / Forge
Maps can make or break a game. This is a very important issue, that faced Halo 3 and Halo Reach. Maps just weren’t that great.

Maps; Make half symmetrical and half asymmetrical maps. Make 2 or 3 small ones, 4 or 5 medium, and 2 or 3 large for defaults. Don’t release half forge world maps, that’s fricken annoying. Vary the looks, a few dark, a few bright, some sandy, some snowy, etc.

Also, I think you should remake maps from every game, and release them in a “Halo Throwback DLC”. I would love to see EVERY map make a return. I would pay hella money for that.

Forgeworld; Forgeworld was an amazing idea. But changes need to happen. Don’t limit Lights, FX, or Rocks. Also allow a “Blanket” option, to add a blanket on the map, such as snow, sand, metallic, fog, mossy, etc. Also, allow day time changes, and add a grid like system to make the ground completely flat, then get the option to raise it or not, to create our own hills, etc.

SN: Make octagon an included map, with spawns working the way H3 Octagon worked.

Gametypes / Playlists
Staple Gametypes; CTF/Oddball/Slayer/Swat/Snipers/KOTH
Return Gametypes; Headhunters, Invasion.

Ranked Playlists (Rank systems will be brought up later); Swat, Snipers, Dubs, Objective, Squad, MLG, Slayer, Invasion
Social; Soc. Slayer, Soc. Objective, Community Slayer, Community Objective, Big Team, Soc. Invasion, Team Firefight, Score Attack, Team Campaign, etc.

Gameplay / Mechanics
No Visual Bloom.

No Armor Abilities, this crap was the stupidest idea. The only Armor Ability should be Evade, IF there has to be one. Evade is the most balanced, and feels the most halo-like. But I don’t really even want to see Evade return.

Higher jumps; Like Halo jumps.

4 person Theater. Whoevers idea it was to make theater one person deserves to be hit upside the head, they’ll probably get better ideas after that.


Armory; I don’t know about everyone else; But personally I think this credit system is some bullcrap. The Armory is cool, but it shouldn’t be fricken buying things. It should be done similarly to MW2 / SC2 / Halo 3. Achievements for some, Ingame things for some (such as getting Onyx Close Combat for a Katana on back, for example) or some things for amount of play (500 games, silver helmet, 500 wins black visor, 1000 games gold visor, 1000 wins black visor).

Forgeworld; already talked about this.

Fileshare; Lots of slots would be nice.


1-50 for ranked.
Hidden TruSkill for social

Halo 3 ranks.

XP > Credit.

Also, a "on a win streak of: _ " on the combat/service record would be nice

Commendations are cool too, I like them, this should stay. Keep commendation farming in campaign though, its nice.

Thanks for listening to what I think would make H4 the king of the Halo series. (: