Suggestions for battle pass and general progression

Hello all,

First of all I want to say that I really enjoy this new addition to the halo franchise.
The gameplay feels nice, making it free was a good move to attract new players.
In general this game is very good but can use some changes in order to make the overall feel of things better.

I understand adding a battle pass to a free game, it’s a way of making money and maintaining servers and employees in order to keep the game running. Unfortunately even after the 50XP addition it still feels very slow and more like a chore than anything else. Especially if you mainly play ranked it feels like there is no other way to progress in the battle pass which misses a huge part of the community. It also makes that people focus on these missions instead of the game.

This can result in frustration due to lost games for all of us, as we want to win to progress in rank.

Here is what I would do:

  • Add XP based on performance (Medals, win, lose, …)
  • Add Extra XP that is give after each played match
  • Add extra XP based on medals

These two simple changes will make the game feel it a lot better progression wise.


Since the game at the moment only has a battle pass system to progress, which is also very slow there is no sense of progression at all.
It feel as if when the battle pass is finished there’s no other way of progressing within the game besides playing ranked.
As an avid ranked player this does scratch that “itch” but thinking globally I also personally miss a way of general progression.
In previous games you had a level that also added to your profile, which was a fun way to show off your hours in the game. Adding such a thing again would be a relatively easy way of giving a more global sense of progression.

These two changes would be the main things for me and I hope this feedback can help the game grow.
It’s truely an amazing multiplayer, but it can use some changes in order to make it more appealing to us already heavy invested players and newcomers.

Thank you for reading.