Suggestions/Feedback on how to handle events/fractures in the future

343i has a good idea here with events/fractures, but at the same time they don’t really seem to be that well thought out, or a bit poorly planned. Events/Fractures should be the chance to bring something new to the game, even if it’s for a little while. A brand new experience, that leaves players saying. “That was cool!” If Tenrai is to be the “event blueprint” for all future events, then they really need some work. There was no “wow” factor, there was no unique experience. It was just an event based around a gamemode that has been standard for years. It could have been so much more. Below are my suggestions and feedback for how events/fractures should be handled in the future, as well as using Tenrai as an example for said suggestions.


  • Gamemode must be based around the event/fracture.
  • It needs to feel like there’s a connection to the event/fracture.
  • Does not matter if someone could “easily” make it in customs, it must be thematic.

What went wrong with Tenrai (Gameplay)

  • It was just fiesta.

Tweaked Tenrai Suggestion (Gameplay)

  • 4v4 Gamemode.
  • 4 rounds, first to 3 wins.
  • One life, people die when they are killed.
  • Everyone is given plasma swords and grappleshot.


  • In the event playlist, music cues and other miselanious sounds are replaced with event/fracture themed ones.
  • The map or visuals are given a slight tweek to fit the event/fracture.

What went wrong with Tenrai (Visual/Art/Audio)

  • There was nothing thematic done.

Tweaked Tenrai Suggestion (Visual/Art/Audio)

  • Start/Win/Lose sounds/music replaced with thematic ones, be it hyōshigi, gongs, or even the ever memed japanese kabuki sound.
  • Every now and then pink cherry blossom petals would blow across the map, enough to see, but not where it would hinder gameplay.