Suggestions as a game designer

This is for 343 But I invite you all to give your opinion about it :slight_smile:
I think everything will be understandable, but If my English is not perfect it is because I have not mastered it yet.

It is not news to know that the system of progression has bothered many, and I have been aware of its future solutions.

But, I have taken the liberty of contributing my grain of sand as a suggestion for the love of the franchise.

I understand that they have wanted to create a new system, I see that very clearly.
But it is not well implemented from its seeds.
I will give an exaggerated example so that it is better understood.
Itโ€™s like wanting to create a new 3-player chess game on a (T) -shaped board with its squares.
It is not viable, from where you look at it, although its case is not so extreme, the ideal in my example would be for it to be a triangle composed of more triangles instead of squares.

In their case, what I propose is simple and original, taking into account what they are looking for.

Grant experience according to the K / D of the game, plus an extra equivalent to the difficulty of the medals obtained.
By leveling up you unlock equipment upgrades, but they are not yours, you can buy them with real money or raffle them for something else random in exchange for experience. The disadvantage is that if you get something that you like a lot, it will hurt that when you raffle it, you get something else of less value.

The more Experience you have, the easier it is to earn upgrades with greater rarity, therefore it is convenient to buy so as not to spend the experience.
This forces players who want better things to safeguard their experience.

Whenever it talks about unlocking it is not added to your inventory, but to your store. To put it in a way that I can express myself with my limited English XD

If you donโ€™t have money to buy one of the items you have unlocked, you can get the item by dismantling 3 other items that you have previously unlocked to add to your inventory for free.

If you raffled something, the object that you unlock if it is added to your inventory, This makes it difficult for you to have the possibility of having another 3 objects to dismantle if something very good comes out.

So Gaining experience will be easy, but how you use it is essential, because that way you can understand that you can earn things for free and easy. But the reality that everyone will know is that if you really want to get very good things, you should buy the battle passes and buy the things you earn instead of spending your experience to get around it. Knowing that if you spend experience your chances of winning rarer things decrease.

Finally I want to clarify that I specialize in game designer, but I have not finished my career as art development for video games, so clearly my suggestion could have its flaws that could be improved, but you are the experts and if you consider my contribution with potential I would be excited a lot, and not because they approved my idea, but to restore my faith to see that if they can take the community into account :slight_smile: I know they do, but that would be at a much higher level.