Suggestion: unlock specializations for all

To begin with, I received my code, and I am grateful for that. However, many others still have not, and this topic is for them, and for the larger Halo 4 community of players in general who began or will begin playing after November 20th.

The point of the specialization promotion was to generate as many sales during the launch window as possible. That period has ended. There is no more benefit to keeping them locked. The game was designed and tested around these specializations. And the alternative is keeping players that have probably reached or are approaching level 50 XP capped until whenever the mystery future specialization update date arrives.

Anyone who has seen me post here knows I do not share many of the criticisms of the game many have. I love this game. And I’m not here to bash 343 for any facet of it. But I must and will now say that the entire Microsoft promotion surrounding specializations has been an ill conceived and frustrating affair from the start. It was a cheap way to entice early adoption of the game, and is now hurting customers because the period during which any benefit to sales might be derived has passed. The bulk of remaining sales will be later this month, well outside the promotion period.

In addition, the recourse available to customers when they do not receive the code (first through email and then via LIVE) is atrocious. If you call Xbox LIVE, they send you here, and tell you to post in the official topic, which is drowning in thousands of posts, and - apparently - being perused by very few (possibly just one) persons capable of doing anything about it. Halo 4 is Xbox 360’s flagship first party title. It should have world class customer service. And while I deeply appreciate the herculean efforts of BS Angel and others to resolve this problem, it is unfair to them and to customers that this is not presently the case.

The mechanism for sending the emails and LIVE messages is ill conceived and prone to problems to begin with. It would have been far more efficient and workable to put the specializations up on LIVE, publicly visible from within the game, as DLC. They could have let everyone download it, but bar those who didn’t play before a certain date based on their Waypoint history (which the game seems capable of communicating with, obviously) from installing it.

But given that there are still so many without their codes, given how integral to the game specializations are, and given that the period during which any benefit might be derived from excluding customers from them, I humbly request/suggest that they be unlocked for all customers of Halo 4 effective immediately.

If you agree, please post. And yes, I know that this is not going to necessarily reach any eyes that have power to do anything about it, but I will be posting this elsewhere as well and crossing my fingers. Probably for naught, but it’s good to have hope.


I agree, considering I have not gotten a code yet and have just about given up on this game for good