[Suggestion] "New" and more fair raw input for crossplay

I suggested this before in another post as a reply but I got ignored. I wanted to know why no one cared, so I am making a post about this. I want to know what you guys think about it.

Seeing how very divided are the cross play community, that the aim assist feels broken, controller players have a 10% more average accuracy than MnK players (don’t say that this halo AA is worse than previous halo titles, because Holy… you are telling me you grew up loving that aimbot - yes, the machine system that aims for you) or that MnK have much more better aim control when comes to turning around.

Some people suggest to just enable the option to choose and play with players with the same input control. I am not a fan of this one because dividing the players means longer matchmaking times.

So, I come to suggest the implementation of the use of Gyroscope as a better way for controller players to aim without lacking the advantages of MnK players. Heck, if it is well made, you could use the stick as your 360 angle; meaning if you push to 6 o’clock, you are making a turn of 180 degrees even faster than PC players and then use your own motion to lock at your target.

Here’s an example of the gyro aiming:

Some games like Splatoon have it already implemented:

Of course, it comes with its own learning curve, but hey, is not like MnK players don’t spend their time perfecting their aim. A MnK who spent hundred of hours getting a nice mouse control then changing into a controller and getting perfect shots after a few hours of getting used to it, clearly shows how the aim assist has the advantage, because this game is a shooter, not a race, not a hide and seek, not a movement contest. It’s a shooter at its core, miss your shoot and you are screwed. If you are a casual MnK player, doesn’t matter how fast you turn around if you can’t even track your target, you have it harder time in a ranked game but hey aim assist in controllers exist.

I am not saying to remove the aim assist, just reduce it and make it more fair. Let the inputs hardware coexist, add gyroscope for an advanced control and more fun at a faster rate pace.

I know gyroscope doesn’t exist in xbox controllers, so here’s my feedback for 343i which is part of Microsoft: let your bosses know that there’s a better aim control. Switch and PS controllers do have gyroscope, they are compatible with Steam and its system allows players to aim with it.


If Microsoft adopts it, third parties adopt it (because a lot of people find microsoft name brand controllers too unreliable), and enough of the player base adopts it, then I’d be open to trying gyro aiming. But that’s a tall order. Good luck on your efforts.

That’s fine. My only goal was to spread the knowledge, get more voices talking about it and hopefully get actual generational changes. The option is there, but also laziness and greed.