Suggestion: Mute Subforums

The Halo Infinite subforum has become a toxic cesspool of hate with no sense or order. And every time I enter the forum and see the most commented topics I just want to leave and not enter any more. Is there a chance to add a feature to mute subforums you don’t care about so their activity doesn’t show up?

Perhaps give options to show in the most active topics those forums that interest you. I like to come here to talk about the history of Halo but it makes me sick to see how utter garbage the entire Infinite subforum has become and I don’t feel like seeing anything on such topics.

In Preferences in your profile:

  • you can mute tags
  • you can mute or ignore users
  • select the default display on the Home page to ‘Latest’, ‘New’, ‘Top’ or ‘Unread’. I think ‘Top’ gives lists threads by most active.

Otherwise all you can do is make use of the filters at the top.

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Thank you very much!

I’m sorry to have to get to this point, but it’s not good for anyone’s mental health to see how 2 out of 3 threads created in that forum are to say that “Halo is garbage and 343 should disappear”. The situation has become untenable and those who only want to see 343 fail have taken over this subforum.