Suggestion: more body options/ face customization

Right now the most you can make your spartan “you” is via what armor they have, would be nice if we had head customization options that way our spartan can be seen without helmet in cutscenes or have a none armor model techsuit.

For this suggestion there would be a tech suit personalization option, this would have Male/Female base model and 3 body types for each the three types based on the base 3 types in the game.

along with this is a techsuit option, this allows you to change the under armor of your cores, you can have it per core or an overiding one, like lets say you like the rakshasha techsuit you can have it as your default even in MkII.

The other part would be face customization, here you have skin color, eye color, and hair type as well as a few pre set faces for each type and some minor sliders. This will only be seen in two locations, cutscenes and helmetless/partal helmet options.

the big thing is this would allow for things like a spartan helmet that doesn’t have a visor or an opaque visor option.


I’ve called for this before too. That having some helmetless options could be an AWESOME route to paywall rather then armor colors.

People have called for the addition of

Male Light: Reach male,
M-M: H3 male
M-H: Jorge

F-L: Vale
F-M: Reach
F-H: Halo wars Spartans

While keeping the current bodies as well

Calling cards and stances could be so awesome with helmetless set ups holding the helmet in their hand. It’d be sick.

I’m sure there are people willing to do this.

I’m not sure about tech suit displays but I mean, I guess I could see that, removing the armor from the suit likely wouldn’t be as hard as one thinks since the “BODIES” are the SUITS under anyways.

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It would be nice to have more body options, the 1-3 slider just does not cut it for me personally. I know a lot of people where calling for more caked up Spartans like Kat and Olympia Vale. With arguments for and against, but in the end I think more customization options benefits the community as a whole. I feel like @ASSASSINED_WOLF summed up the additions decently.

To piggy back on the tech suit idea It would be cool to be able to pick which style of prosthesis your spartan has, as opposed to them changing with the core variants. I could see clipping issues between armor sets though.

Helmet off options for Service/calling cards would be neat, even if it was just on the lobby screen and match intros.


This is actually really apparent when looking at a “Kat” inspired Rakshasa armor and the right arm just looks … Wrong… Different era of prosthesis would be an interesting idea.

Maybe an option for custom games only to have a helmet off in game would be cool too lol. Cool, but highly unlikely.

Tac slayer but you have os just not on the head “Head popper”


I would definitely like to see more body types.

I do not want to see any gameplay without helmets, but I could get on board with a face customizer. I could see a handful of intros where the Spartan puts on their helmet.

These things are very far down the list of thing I want 343 to work on, though.

That would be a perfect event and would allow the face customization to have an ingame function.

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