Suggestion Lost Disconnected/Leavers Ranked Games

I think the current system for handling these issues is not fair for the players who lost a player or started with a missing player. I have a missing or leaver in around half or more of the games I play and I play a lot of ranked. It’s completely unfair to lose rank for losing 3 matches where you were down a player in strongholds especially.

The ideas

  • If your missing a player when the game ends then no rank decrease is given. - The winning team would still receive the normal rank increase. - If you win and your team was missing a player then double rank increase is given.
    If you guys agree or have something you think would be better feel free to share it here or let me know what you think of this idea also hit that like if you think this is a good idea.

People dropping out is just part of the game to me, it sucks but its not unfair. Its a good idea though!

Plus, this sounds like something that can be manipulated pretty easily.