Suggestion: Granular Anniversary Install Options

I want to start by saying that I absolutely love that MCC lets you choose which campaigns/multiplayers you have installed. It allows for helpful management of storage space in a time where games can be massive in size.

One idea I had would be to increase the options here, allowing for the optional uninstallation of Anniversary content.
Now I want to preface this with I don’t care if people prefer classic or anniversary for any of the games, enjoy them how you want. Not trying to start a flame war, just propose a suggestion since 343 recommends these forums as the avenue for that.

I personally (and I know others) don’t care too much for CE or H2 Anniversary graphics in campaign and I don’t touch H2A multiplayer. However in the current setup, if I want to play classic Halo 1 & 2, I have to have all the Anniversary content installed as well, bloating up the size of MCC. I think it’d be really nice to be able to choose to uninstall H2A multiplayer for example, so I can still play H2C. Similarly uninstalling the new assets for campaigns, but still being able to play on the classic graphics.

Now multiplayer is already pretty separate for H2A, but campaigns are more intertwined. I’m not sure what the code looks like for it feasibility wise, but my idea would be if Anniversary content is not installed then the assets used for the new graphics/audio are uninstalled and the functionality of the “switch graphics” button would be disabled.

Once again, not a huge thing by any means, but in my opinion would be a really nice to have option to allow saving some extra storage space.


As an alternative to this excellent idea would also be to separate the two games so they can be individually selected in the games menu. Therefore, you get eight separate games instead of six!

And incidentally, 343 needs to rerelease this collection so that all the new updates and all six games are included on the disc. They can even use multiple discs if they need to!


The team has mentioned they are interested in separating H2A multiplayer from Halo 2, especially the multiplayer settings.

The anniversary graphics engines are a different story as they are really intertwined with the base games.


What did they say they’re interested in doing?

More options are always a win for players. During the development, I’m curious – were there any “gotchas” that were encountered with trying to bring this feature to life?
Max: Due to the fact that there are three different Halo 2 engines, we are only able to provide a single set of sliders for classic/campaign Halo 2 and Halo 2: Anniversary multiplayer weapons at launch. We hope to split these settings out in a future update.

Sorry it doesn’t explicitly say interested in separating H2A’s install, but they do recognize it’s deserves separate settings.

The quote is from Postums original insider thread and was a Q&A post after the release of the FOV slider.

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