Suggestion for reward for post BP players

So I’m on the cusp of getting to 100 on the BP, and its certain many have already reached the cap. That leaves a very glaring question of ‘What do I do now?’. There are no rewards or incentive to move forward, and that could be to the detriment of those that want to play. So that kinda gave me an idea, one that I hope can keep players going in order to play and still feel rewarded.

What I propose is that an invisible pass be implemented upon completion, one that doesn’t have any tangible rewards (AKA armor, skins, cores, etc), but when a player levels up as they normally would in that BP, aka the 1000xp mark, they would be rewarded with challenge swaps. Since the weeklies still have rewards for players to earn, stocking up on these could be a huge boon so they don’t feel pressured doing certain challenges. Most importantly, we have an incentive again to continue playing.

Does this feel like it might alleviate some of the post BP woes?


If anyone else has a good suggestion of whatever possible rewards, I would love to hear your thoughts.