Suggestion for new A.I. in Halo 5.

I’m posting this on behalf of a fellow redditor aka Sachyriel who does not have an account here. He posted this suggestion and I felt it was just too awesome to not post here for 343’s consideration.


343, please consider this for your next game, I know it’s not too late. Give Sgt. Johnson the respect that’s due to him by including him and his personality as an AI. If Cortana is temporarily missing, give Chief the next best thing - Sgt. Avery Junior Johnson.

Honestly, this is one aspect that was sorely missing from Halo 4, I feel. make all the changes you want, but without Johnson it just doesn’t feel like a Halo campaign without him.

Waddya’ say?

Oh hell yes, Roland’s schtick from Spartan Ops is wearing thin.

Never even thought of this before, but I think it would be an awesome idea. Bring Johnson back!