Suggestion for mode: Slayer SK

MK50 Sidekick only. 60 ammo.
Vehicle Pads/Placement off.
Motion Tracker Detect (Fast-Movement) off.

I personally really dislike the AR in this game. Like yea cool it’s strong but it’s so braindead and boring. Point at enemy, hold RT, walk at them. If you don’t miss it’s about who shoots first. Sidekick is more skillful and fun.

As for vehicles, well IMO they don’t belong in Halo 4v4 except maybe Warthog and Mongoose for flag, but the real offenders here is the Wasp. That thing is just kinda dumb in multiplayer. Sure there are counters but they are all really lame and require specific gear to have a chance if the guy is at all good. IMO the game is better without it. It’s just like Ascension’s Banshee only on crack.

IMO this would be better than the current ranked arena. Don’t get me wrong, I love the BR in this game, but the core game feels great enough that I’m fine with BR being a pickup this time around. Motion tracker is fine for when they run or fire their gun, a fair balance between casual and competitive styles.